The 7th.Stories

The Seventh Stories is the meeting of two cultures: the creators of epic and cinematographic stories and marketing enthusiasts who come together to tell brand stories and company stories. We have decided to invent together a new way of creating emotions, a new way of listening and reporting on our century. 

Nitsa Benchetrit
The 7th.Stories co-president, producer
Richard Bean
The 7th.Stories co-president, producer & screenwriter

Unleashing creative stories.

The 21st century has taken off and is flying through big air holes. It's shaking hard. Everything is going very fast. Everything is both threatening and open, everything is possible. The changes underway create unprecedented opportunities and to seize them we have decided to join forces, our sensibilities and our skills. With The Seventh Stories, we are combining multiple storytelling cultures: those of fiction series and cinema, those of novels and documentaries with those of digital and strategic advertising. 

Representations of the world and of human activity change at the speed of events, and events are happening faster and faster. To anticipate, imagination is the key. We want to invent new narratives that will accompany and support all the paradigm shifts that are emerging before us. We are entering a new era. Ecology, Democracy, Economy, Technology... The projects are vast and exciting. 

The Seventh Stories develops hybrid and transversal strategies, based on the practice and creation of narratives. It houses a community of multidisciplinary talents within two creative spaces:  

The writing room.

A unique model of collective intelligence

You enter with a problem or a question, You come out with ideas, concepts and a story.

A company, a collective, an institution or an association deposits their request in the writing room's mailbox and immediately, a team is formed according to the theme to be tackled during one or several sessions.

Scriptwriters, engineers, researchers in the field of computer science and technology are all involved in the project. s, researchers in exact and human sciences, strategic planners, entrepreneurs, choreographers, set-designers, architects, sportsmen and women, web developers, authors, visual artists, women and men of all ages and all countries will be gathered in the Writing Room according to their profile, their experience and their talent, depending on the demand, to analyze, imagine, exchange and produce the material that will make possible the expected story, concept or idea.

The more intelligences and diversity a story requires to be built, the greater the possibilities of relevant results.

The house production.

With an international community of artists and technicians, engineers and visual artists, The Seven Stories thinks and implements new production systems for the audiovisual and advertising industry, but is also ready to produce original works, in all formats and for all media.


Conceptualization, scripting and digital production of an interactive documentary and a film based on the brand's archives.


Scripting and realization of a digital and international presentation of the Alpine Eagle watch collection with the CEO of the brand, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Production and realization of the online contents, set design and realization of the interactive sessions with the journalists.

Brand content
Frédéric Malle

An incursion into the world of this perfume editor, a Parisian dandy, unknown to the general public

Feature films