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Who hasn't been titillated by an entrepreneurial fever after these 2 somewhat hectic years? The desire to align one's aspirations with one's way of working, to feel in control of one's destiny and to develop one's business independently? That's what has been driving us for the past year. And we want to make this vision grow with those who share it. 

The Seventh House is a facilitator and gas pedal of entrepreneurial approaches for talented people who want to start their business but don't want to operate alone. We believe in the power of the collective to grow faster and go further in projects. 

Whether it is to develop a particular expertise/subsidiary within The 7th House galaxy or to push an innovation in content, products or services, The 7th House makes available its time, resources, expertise, location, cross-business opportunities and may invest a share of its profits in the development of ideas deemed relevant. Our challenge is to allow those who want to be entrepreneurial to focus solely on their business, their ideas and what they love to do, while being free of bureaucratic, administrative and polluting hassles. 

we propose a 5-step approach: 

  1. Sharing your business vision or your innovation idea

  2. Development of a business plan

  3. Creation of the structure

  4. Start-up of the activity

  5. Acceleration through the collective's networks.

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The 7th.Stories

The Seventh Stories is the meeting of two cultures: the creators of epic and cinematographic stories and marketing enthusiasts who come together to tell brand stories and company stories. We have decided to invent together a new way of creating emotions, a new way of listening and reporting on our century. 

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Nitsa Benchetrit
The 7th.Stories co-president, producer
Richard Bean
The 7th.Stories co-president, producer & screenwriter

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