To do business for your clients, you have to be close to the contractors every day.

The 7th House reinvests part of its profits in promising startups. These investments are not speculative but in the permanent search of mutual value creation. The 7th House sits on the board of directors of these start-ups and brings its expertise to help these companies develop, and conversely, these talented entrepreneurs come in turn to enlighten our reflections for our clients or for the development of The 7th House with their vision and their experience.



Miam.Tech is the first SAAS solution on the market that combines recipe recommendation with artificial intelligence. Yum suggests recipes based on customers' shopping habits and adds the entire list of ingredients to the shopping cart in one click. With this intuitive and simple way to shop, retailers have seen an increase in the average shopping basket of up to 40% when recipes are included in the basket.

Le Bon Parfumeur

Le Bon Parfumeur.

Bon parfumeur is one of the fastest-growing 100% French high fragrance DNVB brands on the market (+50% by 2021 in a market that is falling by 15%). Launched in 2017 by Ludovic Bonneton, Bon Parfumeur has rapidly expanded its distribution in 35 countries through premium retailers and enjoys an ultra-captive instragram community of 100K followers. Bon Parfumeur reinvents Parisian Haute Parfumerie by working only with French SMEs on all elements of the mix: juice, label, bottle, packaging with fragrances formulated from clean ingredients. 



AI video platform (Saas B2B platform for brands & video industries). We unleash creativity through video automation. Aive is designed for large-scale video automation. We enable brands to enhance video post-production, distribution, and creative collaboration with all their teams from anywhere. We unleash creativity through video automation Gain days of work with Aive, the easy-to-use AI Video Platform. Aive helps brands and creatives to improve the way of thinking, and gives the freedom to create, iterate, and generate a multitude of video variations online in minutes.