Welcome to your home, to our home, to their home, to his home.

Welcome to The 7th House, the home of open collaborations between the best talents in the market, of happy interactions that elevate and grow people, brands, companies. We believe that bureaucracy and layers of management stifle freedom, desires, ideas and wallets. So we imagined bigger, freer, more liquid. A structure that relies solely on the choice to be together to undertake, to create value together for our customers, our partners, our community, while allowing each of us to remain free and independent.

The greatest talents escape and dream of autonomy and entrepreneurship

The Seventh House incubates them, rids them of the superfluous, connects them to a collective around exciting projects so they can unfold and grow. 

Clients are looking for partners who build and manage the best possible teams, on site or remotely, in Paris or elsewhere, by eliminating the unnecessary. The 7th House composes them, pilots them in real time, encourages them and helps them grow.

Young companies are looking for entrepreneurial and expert profiles to accompany them in their development at a lower cost. The Seventh House invests a portion of its profits in these startups by taking an equity stake and contributing the knowledge of its expert community. 

The Seventh House is not only an ambition, but a reality since March 2021.

Driven by its 4 founders-entrepreneurs with senior and complementary profiles. About thirty independent talents work daily around the 6 clients who have already joined the adventure, we have acquired a stake in 3 startups and have incubated 2 entrepreneurs. And this is only the beginning.

Let the sun shine in, join us!