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Thomas Couteau

Thomas Couteau.

Thomas became interested in the Internet and programming in 1994 in London and, in 1996, he founded with Edouard "5eme Gauche", one of the most awarded independent digital agencies in France. For 25 years, he participated in the creation of multiple digital innovations for the biggest players in the market (Darty, Auchan, Yves Rocher, Optic 2000, Toyota, Van Cleef & Arpels,...). He has shared his convictions in the digital communication masters of many schools (Science Po Paris, Paris Dauphine, La Sorbonne, Audencia). In parallel to his professional activities, he is a volunteer for several causes: the association "Vaincre l'Autisme" (Overcoming Autism) which works for an educational approach to the disease, the "Fondation Edgar Morin" which works for knowledge and thought capable of confronting the complexities of reality, and the "Fondation S. Rusconi" which fights against professional determinism.
Olivier SEBAG

Olivier Sebag.

For over 20 years, Olivier has co-directed some of the most creative creative and digital agencies on the market, including TBWA, BETC, Marcel, Dentsu Isobar, and others. He has accompanied CAC 40 clients in most sectors, as well as smaller companies and start-ups, in their transformation, innovation, and communication challenges. Creativity is at the heart of his approach and he and his teams have contributed to winning more than 30 Lions, 8 Effies awards and numerous prizes in all the world's creativity and efficiency festivals. His expertise spans branding, digital, content, experience design and innovation.
Matthieu Frairot

Matthieu Frairot.

Matthieu started his career with an entrepreneurial adventure by creating a first web agency in parallel with his engineering studies.  The adventure lasted 4 years before joining FullSIX France in 2004 as an intern. He left 16 years later as General Manager within the Havas Group (acquisition of FullSIX Group in 2015). With his versatility, digital marketing, creativity and technology, Matthieu is driven by the desire to change the way brands consume by creating unique, useful content or services that create emotional and business value for both the user and the brand.
Sandrine Plasseraud

Sandrine Plasseraud.

Sandrine started her career client-side before founding We Are Social France in 2010. As early as 2005, Sandrine got interested in social networks as a new way for brands to engage conversations with their consumers. This passion for social media, still in its infancy, led her to found We Are Social, a pioneering and multi-award winning agency in France and abroad, a reference in the field of social media and influence, which she chaired for over 11 years. During this time, she had the opportunity to work along many prestigious brands such as Renault, Netflix, Orange, RATP, BNP Paribas, PSG and Ubisoft. Driven by creativity and innovation at the service of brands, Sandrine was also Vice-President of the AACC digital branch.
Edouard de Pouzilhac The Seventh House

Édouard de Pouzilhac.

Edouard is one of the pioneers of digital in France with over 25 years of professional experience. Entrepreneur and expert in digital eco-systems for brands, he founded the digital agency 5eme Gauche in 1996, which was 3 times digital agency of the year and won numerous creative awards. Professor at Sciences-Po for 7 years, President of the digital AACC and Vice-President of the AACC, he accompanies major brands in their e-commerce or conversion issues such as DARTY, Yves Rocher, Quick, Système U, Van Cleef & Arpels, Ruinart, Chanel, BPI, La Région Ile de France...
Richard Bean

Richard Bean.

Richard has directed, produced, written and directed award-winning fiction and documentary films that have been selected in several major international festivals. He has always trusted his encounters, and it is these encounters that govern his career. He has been able to exercise and expand his skills in various creative fields, consulting for the Total group, he has also developed virtual communication solutions for brands such as Chopard and Boucheron, but he has also worked in images for various communities and organizations such as Human Rights Watch. He pursues this passion for discovery without ceasing to write. He is currently developing the Fiction series "Laurene", winner of the Arte SACD European Fund.
Nitsa Benchetrit

Nitsa Benchetrit.

After graduating from EDHEC and the London School of Economics, she made a 180 degree turn and plunged into the world of American cinema which had always been her dream. She joined the Actors' Studio in New York and obtained a Master's degree in Fine Art from the New School University.  Having acquired knowledge and expertise in both international financing and artistic development, she founded KATSIZE FILMS in 2009, an international talent lab that produces engaging films, series and documentaries. Her films have been selected and awarded in international festivals such as TIFF, BFI, New York Film Festival, Tribeca, Zurich La Cabina... She extends her experience to the world of contemporary art and luxury brands by producing intimate portraits of designers. As an independent producer, she maintains privileged links with innovative authors and constantly reinterprets the question of meaning and commitment in the stories and films she defends.


As a result of the digitalization of society and the convergence of uses, tools and media, the advertising market is entering a new era. All media are becoming programmatic! It is therefore quite natural that, after a first entrepreneurial adventure in the media world, with the sale of the digital media agency AGENCE79 to Havas Media in 2017, Adrien Jéhanno & Benjamin Poly decided to regain their independence and set up AllMatik, the 1st cross-media digital agency. AllMatik is: An agency with a strong digital DNA relying on all digital acquisition levers (SEA, Paid Social, Programmatic...) but also a vision of OFF media based on precision marketing A transversal and agile structure, with advice and operations, to gain in efficiency and reactivity An agency backed by the Monet + Associés group, France's top 3 PR and Influence agencies, for a 360° approach to create opportunities for connection and engagement between the brand and its audiences.
Yuri and Neil

Yuri & Neil.

Yuri and Neal is a young company that is now 4 years old and has experienced 100% growth rates every year. It was founded by Christophe Leroy and Clément Boccardi. The agency assists large accounts and ambitious start-ups in their digital marketing, awareness development, traffic acquisition and revenue generation strategies. Their main difference is their high-end and very senior positioning: they are a team of hyper experts, coming from major communication groups and the biggest advertisers, positions in which they have held management roles.
Logo JD Executive

JD Executive.

Created and directed by Jérôme Dutrieux, JD Executive is a consulting, coaching and training firm. The firm offers individual and group coaching courses, both face-to-face and online, for managers, executives and their teams, in response to the following situations taking up a position, career development, finding a new job, motivation, self-confidence, emotional coaching, organization (time management, priorities...), conflict management (non-violent communication), relationship coaching, management, public speaking, project development (start-up, intrapreneurship, project management ...), collective alignment on the raison d'être, crisis management, tele-management (managing a team from a distance).

Our model

To drive, accelerate, invest and innovate through the strength of the collective. For our clients, and all those who have ideas that carry us forward.

Build & Drive A‑teams

Yet another platform for freelancers? No way. There are many of them and they are precious and we love them, but that is no longer enough. We build collective interactions that produce value through a detailed understanding of needs. We choose and manage the most relevant resources and meaningful projects, and are guarantors of the result. The 7th House does not impose one model on another but follows the outlines of customer organizations and cultures, adapts resources in real time to deliver the expected value, and instills ambition and desire at each stage of the process. If we are by your side, it is because we think that we can go further together and that the collective that we have brought together wants to be proud of what it does with you.

Propel & Foster Entrepreneurship

Have you noticed ? We've been through a little disruptive period for 2 years, haven't we? For some people, it is scary and makes them want to curl up and pray. For others, it opens doors and desires. But sometimes we get a little apprehensive. What if I got on my own? And what if I leave the mega corporation that puts me in a small box and suffocates me, in order to be reborn and find the passion that animates me since the beginning? At The Seventh House, we catalyze, we ignite, we reassure, we frame and we free those who are full of talent but who dread the unknown. Join the tribe friends. You think you are the best? You want to undertake but not alone? You want to join a collective that shares the same values and the same passion while allowing you to remain free? It's over there.

Own & Advice

Did it ever surprise you? Consulting experts advise. But most of the time without having founded a business themselves. Certainly, the experience accumulated in the analysis of different fields has an undeniable value, but we believe that it is no longer good enough. To truly understand the challenges of our clients, provide relevant advice, guide strategic choices, you have to be a full-fledged entrepreneur. This is why, associated with the advice of various investment funds, The 7th House enters the capital of young companies, participates in boards of directors, and brings its consulting power and know-how to these young shoots. In turn, these entrepreneurs become part of The 7th House community and bring their experiences to the various missions we carry out.

Make & Deploy

That too, we want it: to make stuff with our own hands; to make products, services, ideas that we imagine, finance, develop, deploy from A to Z. Because they make sense and we believe in them. Part of The 7th House's time and profits are dedicated to this. Because our collective is teeming with brilliant ideas. Because being as close as possible to our customers' business creates development opportunities. Because the diversity of our network allows us to make the best choices to grow our projects. Because doing things is the best learning method. In short, there are plenty of "because" then we decided to make it a development axis in its own right.

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